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Providing Wisconsin bank CEOs and CFOs with a forum for networking and idea sharing opportunities.

Our Location

Financial Marketing Corporation
422 North Second Street
Palmyra, WI 53156-0529
Direct Line (608) 732-0382
Toll Free (866) 337-4779 linked-in shortcut

Terry Burrington

Put our double-E SP to work for your community bank!

» Experience

Former community bank Marketing Officer that was part of a team that engineered a turn-around that took our bank from “worst in the market” to “first in the market” in just three years.

» Expertise

Since 1981, our firm has been helping Wisconsin community banks maximize their shareholder value, increase their earning and enhance their customer relationships.

» Seasoned Judgment

Our hands-on approach has helped our clients grow, prosper and meet the challenges today and into the future.

» Proven Performance

Several of our clients have been with us for five years or more.

Please call my direct line at (608) 732-0382 or email.

Our Solutions

business people having a meeting while using a laptop, camera shot taken above the meeting spotWe provide multiple marketing solutions for Financial Institutions:

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